Hudson Parks & Recreation Dept.

(Athletic Participation)

Adopted:  9-16-2016


          Athletes participating in Middle School athletics will be allowed to participate in Hudson Parks & Recreation programs.  Participates must meet the guidelines set fourth by Hudson Parks & Recreation Department.



·        Age Requirement

Softball:                 Ages: 9-12 yr. Old        Cutoff Date:  May 1st

Baseball:                        Ages 4-12 yr. old              Cutoff Date   May 1st

Outdoor Soccer:    Ages: 4-12 yr. Old      Cutoff Date:  Oct. 15th

Basketball:            Ages: 6-12 yr. Old        Cutoff Date: Oct. 15th

Indoor Soccer:      Ages: 4-12 yr. Old        Cutoff Date:  Jan.15th

Wrestling:             Ages:  5-12 yr. Old       Cutoff Date: Oct. 15th

                                   ** Middle School Wrestlers are not eligible for Rec. Wrestling


·       Signed Release Form from School Coach