Caldwell Co. Special Olympics



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Special Olympics Caldwell County offers sports training and competition to children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Most of the sports have a training season of about 8 weeks with an average of 1-2 practices per week. Currently offered sports are: basketball, soccer, bocce, volleyball, softball, and swimming.

A person can begin competing when they are 8 years old and keep going as long as they want! Participation in Special Olympics is free. An individual is qualified for Special Olympics participation if they have been identified by an agency/professional as having an intellectual disability .  The causes of intellectual disabilities are varied, including not just Down Syndrome but also Fragile X Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and various developmental causes such as autism.  There are some Special Olympics athletes who may also have a physical disability but this is not what qualifies them to participate in the program.

The ability levels of Special Olympics athletes range from an athlete who needs a flotation device to complete their 25 yard swim to an athlete who can complete the 1500 yard (equivalent of about a mile) swim in 23 minutes.  The best thing is that no matter where an athlete falls in this range, they have the opportunity to win a gold medal as they are put in competitive groupings with their peers.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an athlete,  visit the Special Olympics website at


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