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$100.00 Month / Sign provided by sponsor

$200.00 Month / Sign provided by Hudson Parks & Recreation


$1,000.00 Year / Sign provided by sponsor

$1,500.00 Year / Sign provided by Hudson Parks & Recreation



Signage Requirements



  • All signs must be approved by the Hudson Parks & Recreation Dept.
  • All signs must meet sign specifications.  (2’ X 3’ or smaller)
  • All signs must be installed by Hudson Parks & Recreation Dept.




The Town of Hudson and Hudson Parks & Recreation Dept. will not be liable for any stolen or damaged signage.

Hours of Operation

Mon. , Tues. & Thurs 12 noon – 9pm
Wed. & Friday 12 noon – 5pm
Saturday 1pm – 5pm


For rental information and to make reservations, contact 828-726-6304.

Weight & Fitness Fees

  • No children under the age of 12 allowed.
  • Ages 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Weight & Fitness Fee $2/Day 

Gym Rental

No Inflatables Allowed

Full Gym $100 per hr.
Half Gym $50 per hr.
Supervisor Fee $10 per hr. (paid to supervisor)

 Multipurpose Room / Gym Combo

No Inflatables Allowed

Room + Half Gym $75 per hr.
Room + Full Gym

$150 per hr.

 Supervisor Fee: $10 per hour

Rooms for Rent

Birthdays, Meetings, Events...

  • Rentals are available Monday thru Saturday.
  • No Sunday rentals.
  • No inflatables.

Small Multipurpose Room (Seats up to 30  people)

$30 per hr.

Supervisor Fee: $10 per hour

Medium Multipurpose Room

$40 per Hour   (seats up to 40 people)

Supervisors Fee:  $10 per hour

Banquet Hall  (Seats up to 60 people)

$50 per hr.

Supervisor Fee – $10 per hour

LED Sign

Birthdays, Anniversary, Announcements, Events, Advertisement

Individuals $10 per day
Business $25 per day



Hudson Parks & Recreation 

Fee:  $50 per Day / Must Complete a Facilty Use Ageement

Picnic Shelters


  The Large Shelter @ Redwood Park is no longer available at this time.  Starting in mid March we will be removing the shelter and building a new shelter area.   Hopefully the NEW Shetler will be ready by June / July 2024. 

Redwood Park Picnic Shelters no longer require a reservation, with exceptions to civic & non-profit organizations.

All Civic & Non-Profit organizations must contact the Hudson Recreation Dept. to book your event.

Shelters are now on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage you to contact the Hudson Recreation Dept. prior to your event date to make sure the shelters are available. 

  • Small Shelter is located below pool.
  • Inflatables allowed; Must provide a generator
Small Shelter (seats 45 people)  

Ball Fields

Public Rental $30 per hr.
Use of Lights $50 per hr.
Tournament Package Call for Pricing


Public Rental $30 per hr.

5K Race Rentals

Park Use $20 per hr.
Building Bathroom Use $20 per hr.
Supervisor Fee (Building) $10 per hr.