15U '23-'24 Indoor Soccer Season









Saturday, Dec. 9th CANCELLED

MOVED TO Saturday, March 2nd

3:15 – Manchester City vs Newcastle 

4:45 – Liverpool vs Tottenham 

6:15 – Aston Villa vs Chelsea 

Saturday, Dec. 16th

8:30 – Manchester City vs Liverpool 

10:00 – Aston Villa vs Newcastle 

11:30 – Chelsea vs Tottenham 

Friday, Jan. 5th

5:30 – Liverpool vs Chelsea 

7:00 – Newcastle vs Tottenham 

8:30 – Aston Villa vs. Manchester City 

Saturday, Jan. 13th

3:15 – Aston Villa vs Liverpool 

4:45 – Chelsea vs Newcastle 

6:15 – Manchester City vs Tottenham 

Saturday, Jan. 20th

8:30 – Aston Villa vs Tottenham 

10:00 – Newcastle vs Liverpool 

11:30 – Chelsea vs Manchester City 

Friday, Jan. 26th

5:30 – Newcastle vs Manchester City 

7:00 – Tottenham vs Liverpool 

8:30 – Chelsea vs Aston Villa 

Saturday, Feb. 3rd

3:15 – Liverpool vs Manchester City 

4:45 – Newcastle vs Aston Villa 

6:15 – Tottenham vs Chelsea CANCELED/MOVED TO THURSDAY FEB. 29

Saturday, Feb. 10th

8:30 – Chelsea vs Liverpool CANCELED/MOVED TO TBA

10:00 – Manchester City vs Aston Villa CANCELED/MOVED TO THURSDAY, FEB 22nd

10:00 – Tottenham vs Newcastle 

Friday, Feb. 16th

5:30 – Liverpool vs Aston Villa 

7:00 – Newcastle vs Chelsea 

8:30 – Tottenham vs Manchester City 

Thursday, Feb. 22nd

7:15 - Manchester City vs Aston Villa

Saturday, Feb. 24th

3:15 – Manchester City vs Chelsea 

4:45 – Tottenham vs Aston Villa 

6:15 – Liverpool vs Newcastle 

Thursday, Feb. 29th 

7:15 - Liverpool vs Chelsea

Saturday, March 2nd

2:30 – Manchester City vs Newcastle 

4:00 – Liverpool vs Tottenham 

5:30 – Aston Villa vs Chelsea

13 - 15 yr old INDOOR SOCCER RULES 


  • No cleats of any kind allowed. Players must wear sneakers or indoor soccer shoes. 

  • 8U will use a size 3 futsal ball, and 12U and 15U will use a size 4 futsal ball

  • Shin guards are required for all players 

  • Goalie must wear contrasting shirts & a mouth piece is recommended


    • Medic Alert bracelets or items of religious significance that cannot be removed must be covered by a sweat band or sports tape to prevent injury to the wearer and/or other players on the court. 

    • Players may elect to use sports tape to cover a non-removable piercing. 




-6v6 (including goalie) 7v7 depend on #s

 -6v6 (including goalie)

-5v5 (including goalie) 

-Game can start with 4 

-Game can start with 

-Game can start with 3 

-(4) 10-minute quarters 

-(2) 25-minute halves 

-(2) 30-minute halves 

-Report to official on subs at mid-line 

-Sub on Fly but at mid-line 

-Sub on Fly on your half 

-No Penalty Kicks 

-Penalty Kicks 

-Penalty Kicks

-Goalie box: is the Green Box

-Goalie box: touchline to the 3pt line

-Goalie box: touch line to the 3pt line

-Kickoffs/Goal Kicks: opposing team stay behind the “Gray Line”

-Kickoffs: opposing team outside cir.

-Goal Kicks: opposing team outside 3 pt line

-Kickoffs: opposing team outside cir.

-Goal Kicks: opposing team outside

3 pt line

  • Absolutely NO slide tackling.

  • Games will start on time.

  • “Green Line” is the touch line (out-of-bounds) and “Black Line” is the mid-line. 

  • No Offsides. 

  • The entire ball must cross the goal line to be counted a goal. 

  • Cannot make substitutions during a corner kick. 

  • Most free kicks are INDIRECT (has to touch someone else) (for 8U only– infractions inside the goalie box the ball will be placed outside the goalie box at officials' discretion) 

  • Obstruction: Any player that, in the opinion of the referee, does not attempt to play the ball and obstructs an opposition player will have a DIRECT FREE KICK awarded against them.

  • Hand ball rule in the penalty box, the PK will be taken on the 3pt line. (12U and 15U only) 

  • Throw-ins, Kickoffs, and Corner Kicks are INDIRECT KICKS. Player has 5 seconds to put the ball back into play after whistle has blown to begin play. As a result an Indirect Kick for opposing team.

  • Goal Kicks: (12U & 15Uare taken from the Green line, (8U) are taken from goalie box. 

  • If the goalie inadvertently picks up the ball with his/her hands that was distributed to him/her by a teammate will result in an Indirect Kick. (placed outside penalty area) 

  • When a goalie saves or takes a goal kick the ball must bounce or be touched by a player prior to crossing the mid-line before putting back into play. Keeper has 5 seconds to return the ball into play after whistle (to begin play) and must be received outside the penalty area. The result of these infractions will be an Indirect Kick for the opposing team. 

  • A 2 minute penalty for players who should kick/strike ball and should go above the boundary markers set (anything above the green wall, ceiling and basketball goals). Does not count if ball is deflected. 

  • Each player must play at least half the game unless due to injury or illness. 

  • Only 2 coaches on the bench and no spectators behind goals or on benches.

  • If a team is up by 5 goals that team has to play a player down until the other team brings the score within 3. 

  • Remember this is a Recreation Program, no scholarships will be given out, so lets keep “Good Sportsmanship” throughout the season!!!