2022 - 2023 13-15 yr old Season








Argentina - Trevor Allen

Australia - Jeremy Kanagy

Belgium - Beto Cruz

Brazil - Travis Barber

Germany - Steve Connor

Ghana - Ish Dula

Netherlands - Frank Rice

USA - Maxwell Dyer


Saturday, Dec. 10th

2p – Netherlands v Brazil

3:30p – Australia v Belgium

5p – USA v Germany

6:30p – Ghana v Argentina

Saturday, Dec. 17th

9:45a – Brazil v Australia

11:15a – Ghana v Germany

12:45p – Belgium v Argentina

2:15p – Netherlands v USA

Friday, Jan. 6th

5:30p – Netherlands v Belgium

7p – Brazil v Germany

8:30p – Argentina v USA

Saturday, Jan. 7th

8:30a – Australia v Ghana TIE

Saturday, Jan. 14th

2p – Belgium v Brazil

3:30p – USA v Ghana

5p – Australia v Argentina

6:30p – Netherlands v Germany

Saturday, Jan. 21st

9:45a – USA v Belgium

11:15a – Ghana v Brazil

12:45p – Netherlands v Argentina

2:15p – Australia v Germany

Friday, Jan. 27th

5:30p – Brazil v USA

7p – Belgium v Ghana

8:30p – Netherlands v Australia

Saturday, Jan. 28th

8:30a – Argentina v Germany

Saturday, Feb. 4th

2p – Brazil v Argentina

3:30p – Belgium v Germany

5p – Australia v USA

6:30p – Netherlands v Ghana


1 Netherlands      6 - 1          (18 pts)

2 Australia           5 - 1 - 1     (16 pts)

3 Germany          5 - 2           (15 pts)

4 Ghana              4 - 2 - 1      (13 pts)

5 Belgium           3 - 4           (9 pts)

6 Argentina*      2 - 5           (6 pts)

7 USA                  2 - 5           (6 pts)

8 Brazil               0 - 7           (0 pts)

*Argentina has tiebreaker over USA

Saturday, Feb. 11th

9a – #2 Australia v #7 USA (G1)

10:30a – #3 Germany v #6 Argentina (G2)

12p –#4 Ghana v #5 Belgium (G3)

1:30p – #1 Netherlands v #8 Brazil (G4)

Friday, Feb 17th

5:30p – (LG1) Australia v (LG2) Germany (G5)

7p – (LG3) Belgium v (LG4) Brazil (G6)

8:30p – (WG1) USA v (WG2) Argentia (G7)

Saturday, Feb. 18th

5p – (WG3) Ghana v (WG4) Netherlands (G8)

6:30p – (LG7) Argentina v (WG6) Belgium (G9)

8p – (LG8) Ghana v (WG5) Australia (G10)

Friday, Feb. 24th

5:30p – (WG7) USA v (WG8) Netherlands (G11)

7p – (WG9) Belgium v (WG10) Australia (G12)

Saturday, Feb. 25th

8:30a – (LG11) USA v (WG12) Australia (G13)

11:15a – (WG11) Netherlands v (WG13) USA (G14)

4:15p – WG14 v LG14 (G15) if necessary

13 - 15 yr old INDOOR SOCCER RULES 

1.  Game will consist of (2) 30 min halves, will use a Size 5 ball

2.  Will play 5 v 5 – 4 on the court and a goalie.  Can start with 3 and a goalie and end with 2 and goalie

3.  Coaches realize that this is a recreational league and the kids are here to learn and have fun...If you are up by 5 scores you have to pull your leading scorer until the other team comes within 3 goals...The leading score can be placed in goal but cannot score nor go pass midline, result in a dead ball foul.  Indirect kick at midline

4.  Each player needs to play at least half of the game...This league is not all about winning

5.  If a player touches or controls the ball with his/her hands, other than the goalie, will result in an Indirect Kick (Unintentionally advances the ball)

6.  A Direct Kick will occur when a player handles the ball, carries, strikes, or propels the ball with his/her hands or arms (Intentionally alters the flow or change of the play)

7.  Hand ball rule in the penalty box is the same as outdoor soccer (will be taken on the 3pt arc)

8.  If the goalie inadvertently picks up the ball with his/her hands that was distributed to him/her by a teammate will result in an Indirect Kick at the spot of the foul, if inside box the ball will be placed outside box to officials digression.

9.  When a goalie saves or takes a goal kick the ball must bounce or be touched by a player prior to crossing the mid-line before put back into play

10.  Throw-ins and kickoffs are Indirect Kicks and cannot be scored from

11.  Any action by a player or players to disrupt an opponent’s play that results in contact will result in a Indirect Kick (Ex. Strikes, kicks, a push, trips, slide tackles, holding an opponent) but could result in a Direct Kick due to the action and will be the officials discretion.

12.  There is absolutely no SLIDE TACKLING

13.  Not playing the ball or creating an obstacle and intentionally obstructing another player will result in a Direct Kick

14.  All substitutions are completed on the fly…That being said the player coming off needs to head towards the bench and slap hands with the player coming on (this will help the officials with a sound knowing a substitution has occurred).

15.  You cannot make a substitution on a corner kick or a free kick (foul penalty)

16.  A 2 min penalty for players who should kick/strike ball and it should go above the boundary markers set, it has to hit the area (which is anything above the green wall and includes the ceiling and basketball goals).  Does not count if ball is deflected

Again these are just some of the Rules that we feel are the most critical and most misunderstood.  You may also be called for several other infractions that are not on this list.