2022 6 - 8 yr old Season

Black - Jessica Tomberlin

Green - Jeremy Kanagy

Grey - Cesar Chaparro

Orange - Seth Avery

Red - William Deighton

Royal - Shane Clark

White - Taylor Brummett

Friday, January 7th

5:30p – Royal v White

6:30p – Red v Black TIE

7:30p – Orange v Green

           Grey – Bye

Saturday, January 15th

3:30p – Green v Royal

4:30p – White v Black

5:30p – Red v Grey

           Orange – Bye

Saturday, January 22nd

9:00a – White v Red

10:00a – Black v Orange

11:00a – Grey v Royal

             Green – Bye

Friday, January 28th

5:30p – White v Orange

6:30p – Red v Royal

7:30p – Grey v Green

           Black – Bye

Saturday, February 5th

3:30p – Red v Green

4:30p – Royal v Orange

5:30p – Black v Grey

           White – Bye

Saturday, February 12th

9:00a – White v Green

10:00a – Grey v Orange

11:00a – Black v Royal

             Red – Bye

Friday, February 18th

5:30p – White v Grey

6:30p – Red v Orange

7:30p – Black v Green

           Royal – Bye

Saturday, February 26th (Tournament)

3:30p – 6 Seed v 7 Seed (G1)

4:30p – 3 Seed v 4 Seed (G2)

5:30p – 5 Seed v 2 Seed (G3)

6:30p – LG2 v LG3 (G4)

Friday, March 4th (Tournament Cont.)

5:30p – WG1 v 1 Seed (G5)

6:30p – WG2 v WG3 (G6)

7:30p – LG5 v WG4 (G7)

8:30p – LG1 v LG6 (G8)

Saturday, March 5th (Tournament Cont.)

12:15p – WG5 v WG6 (G9)

1:15p – WG7 v WG8 (G10)

2:15p – LG9 v WG10 (G11)

Saturday, March 12th (Championship)

10:30 – WG9 v WG11 (G12)

11:30 – WG12 v LG12 (if necessary)

6 – 8 year old
Indoor Soccer Rules


  • 7 players & a goalie (8v8) 
  • Team can start game with 5 players & a goalie and can finish with 4 
  • (4) 10 minute quarters
  • Size 3 Indoor Ball will be used during games
  • Coaches need to notify Officials for substitutions and go to mid line
  • All free kicks are indirect (Infractions inside the goalie box will be placed outside the goalie box at officials discretion)
  • No penalty kicks
  • Outside black line is out of bounds (on big court)
  • Throw-ins and Kickoffs are Indirect Kicks and can not be scored from
  • Goalie must wear contrasting shirt & mouth piece (recommended)
  • When a goalie saves or takes a goal kick the ball must touch the floor or be touched by a player PRIOR to crossing the mid-line before put back into play
  • Midline on big court is half court (black line) 
  • Goalie Box is the Black Basketball “paint” or "lane"
  • Goal Kick will be taken from the Black free throw line 
  • No spectators behind goals or on benches (they need to stay on bleachers)
  • Shin guards are required
  • Only TWO coaches on the bench
  • No Offside
  • All players play 50% of game
  • Absolutely NO SLIDE TACKLES