2022 9-12 yr old Season

Los Angeles FC - Travis Barber Columbus Crew - Ben Medlin 
Portland Timber - Shane Clark Minnesota United FC - Beto Cruz
Orlando City - Andrew Kanagy Vancouver Whitecaps FC - Chuck Brawley
DC United - Kelsey Bumgarner Houston Dynamo - Todd Sherwood
LA Galaxy - Bradley Curtis Atlanta United FC - Trevor Allen


Saturday, January 8th

9:00a – Vancouver Whitecaps FC v Orlando City

10:15a – Los Angeles FC v Atlanta United FC

11:30a – Portland Timbers v Houston Dynamo

12:45p – DC United v Minnesota United FC

2:00p – LA Galaxy v Columbus Crew

Friday January 14th

5:30p – Los Angeles FC v Minnesota United FC

6:45p – Vancouver Whitecaps FC v Houston Dynamo

8:00p – Orlando City v LA Galaxy

Saturday, January 15th

12:45p – DC United v Atlanta United FC

2:00p – Portland Timbers v Columbus Crew GAME CANCELLED 

Saturday, January 22nd

12:00p – Portland Timbers v Minnesota United FC

1:15p – Orlando City v Columbus Crew

2:30p – DC United v LA Galaxy

3:45p – Houston Dynamo v Atlanta United FC

5:00p – Los Angeles FC v Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Friday, January 28th

8:30p – Vancouver Whitecaps FC v DC United

Saturday, January 29th

9:00a – Los Angeles FC v Houston Dynamo

10:15a – Orlando City v Minnesota United FC

11:30a – DC United v Columbus Crew

12:45p – LA Galaxy v Atlanta United FC

Friday, February 4th

5:30p – Orlando City v DC United

6:45p – Minnesota United FC v Houston Dynamo

8:00p – Vancouver Whitecaps FC v Atlanta United FC

Saturday, February 5th

9:00a – Los Angeles FC v Columbus Crew

10:15a – Portland Timbers v LA Galaxy TIE

11:30a - Portland Timbers v Columbus Crew

Saturday, February 12th

12:15p – Portland Timbers v DC United CANCELED

1:30p – Orlando City v Atlanta United FC

2:45p – Columbus Crew v Houston Dynamo

4:00p – Los Angeles FC v LA Galaxy

5:15p – Vancouver Whitecaps FC v Minnesota United FC

Friday, February 18th

8:30p – Vancouver Whitecaps FC v Portland Timbers

Saturday, February 19th

9:00a – Minnesota United FC v LA Galaxy

10:15a – Atlanta United FC v Columbus Crew

11:30a – Orlando City v Houston Dynamo

12:45p – Los Angeles FC v Portland Timbers

Friday, February 25th

5:30p – Portland Timbers v Atlanta United FC

6:45p – Vancouver Whitecaps FC v LA Galaxy

8:00p – Los Angeles FC v Orlando City

Saturday, February 26th

9:00a – DC United v Houston Dynamo

10:15a – Columbus Crew v Minnesota United FC

Saturday, March 5th

3:30p – Los Angeles FC v DC United

4:45p – Portland Timbers v Orlando City

6:00p – Vancouver Whitecaps FC v Columbus Crew

7:15p – Minnesota United FC v Atlanta United FC

8:30p – LA Galaxy v Houston Dynamo


  • Game will be played with 5 on the court and a goalie
  • Games can start with 4 players on the court and a goalie, but can finish with 3 and a goalie.  Cannot start with 3 and a goalie.
  • Games will start on time!!!
  • Coaches may not use other players from other teams to participate in a game NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!
  • (2) 20 minute halves
  • Size 4 Indoor Ball will be used during games
  • On a "Kickoff" ball must complete a full rotation forwards before play actually begins
  • Restart play after each goal is scored at mid-line
  • During a Free Kick the ball must be stationary and if Indirect ball must complete a full rotation (in any direction)
  • SUBSTITUTION – has to let the official know and player goes to midline.  Can not sub on a corner kick or free kick.  Can sub on a dead ball when you have possession or the other team subs on a dead ball when they have possession and after a goal is scored.
  • If ball goes out of bounds restart play with an indirect kick
  • When a goalie makes a save or takes a goal kick the ball must touch the floor or be touched by any other player prior to crossing the mid-line before the play can continue...Will result in an indirect kick from mid-line
  • Goal Kick is taken from the “grey line” (that goes through the basketball line/paint) within the goal box (Inside the 3pt Arch)
  • Hand Ball rule in the penalty box will be taken at the top of 3pt arc.
  • Goalie cannot use his hands outside the 3-point line
  • The entire ball must cross the goal line to be counted a goal
  • If a team is up by 5 goals that team has to play a player down until the other team brings the score within 3 goals
  • Each player must PLAY AT LEAST HALF OF THE GAME
  • Outdoor Rules apply to Indoor
  • If a game is tied at the end of regulation it will end in a tie.