Red – William Deighton

White – Mackenzie Goforth

Black – Seth Avery

Royal – Joe Greer

Dk. Green – Perry Pierce

Yellow – Kelly Drum

Gray – Luke Brakefield

Lt. Blue – Johnny Frazier

Orange – Frank Rice

Picture Day

Monday, September 27th

  • 5:30 - White (Goforth)
  • 5:45 - Red (Deighton)
  • 6:00 - Yellow (Drum)
  • 6:00 - Dark Green (Pierce)
  • 6:15 - Lt. Blue (Frazier)
  • 6:30 - Orange (Rice)
  • 6:45 - Gray (Brakefield)
  • 7:00 - Black (Avery)

Practice/Game Schedule

Monday, September 20th

6:00 – Orange v Dk. Green (F1)

6:00 – Gray v Black (F2)

7:00 – White v Yellow (F1)

7:00 – Royal v Lt. Blue (F2)

Red – Bye

Thursday, September 23rd

6:00 – Royal v Dk. Green (F1)

6:00 – Yellow v Black (F2)

7:00 – White v Lt. Blue (F1)

7:00 – Gray v Red (F2)

Orange – Bye

Monday, September 27th

6:00 – White v Red (F1)

6:00 – Yellow v Dk. Green (F2)

7:00 – Orange v Gray (F1)

7:00 – Royal v Black (F2)

Lt. Blue – Bye

Thursday, September 30th

6:00 – Gray v Lt. Blue (F1)

6:00 – Black v Dk. Green (F2)

7:00 – White v Orange (F1)

7:00 – Royal v Red (F2)

Yellow – Bye

Monday, October 4th

6:00 – Royal v Yellow (Field 1)

6:00 – Lt. Blue v Orange (Field 2)

7:00 – Red v Black (F1)

7:00 – Gray v White (F2)

Dk. Green – Bye

Thursday, October 7th Rain Out

Makeup date is set for 

             Thursday, Oct. 21st

6:00 – White v Royal (F1)

6:00 – Yellow v Lt. Blue (F2)

7:00 – Orange v Red (F1)

7:00 – Gray v Dk. Green (F2)

Black – Bye

Monday, October 11th

6:00 – White v Dk. Green (F1)

6:00 – Lt. Blue v Red (F2)

7:00 – Orange v Black (F1)

7:00 – Gray v Yellow (F2)

Royal – Bye

Thursday, October 14th

6:00 – Yellow v Orange (F1)

6:00 – Gray v Royal (F2)

7:00 – Lt. Blue v Black (F1)

7:00 – Red v Dk. Green (F2)

White – Bye

Monday, October 18th

6:00 – White v Black (F1)

6:00 – Yellow v Red (F2)

7:00 – Royal v Orange (F1)

7:00 – Lt. Blue v Dk. Green (F2)

Gray – Bye

Thursday, October 21st

6:00 – White v Royal (F1)

6:00 – Yellow v Lt. Blue (F2)

7:00 – Orange v Red (F1)

7:00 – Gray v Dk. Green (F2)

Black – Bye

Click here for printable schedule

2021 Outdoor Soccer Information/Guidelines

  • Players, Coaches, Officials, and Staff ONLY on fields.

  • Spectators WILL NOT be allowed on fields for any reason.

  • Spectators are to remain behind fence areas or roped off areas and away from playing fields (on the hill).

  • Spectators are asked to keep a 6’ social distance from others while attending practice and games.  We recommend that you have a face covering with you at all times.

  • If your child needs your assistance, they will be allowed to leave the field of play and come to you.

  • If an injury occurs please let the staff handle the situation and when they call a parent then and only then is a parent allowed to go on the playing field.

  • Soccer balls will be disinfected during halftimes and end of games as well as at the end of every practices.

  • Players are to bring their own drinks and snacks.  There will not be team snacks allowed.

  • Concession stand will be open but please follow the signs.

  • Bathrooms will be available at the upper shelter and will be cleaned before and after each night.

  • Coaches will wear masks when addressing players within a 6’ distance and during halftime meetings
    (they can take the mask off when coaching from the sideline while play is going on).

  • Staff will wear mask at all times when talking to parents, officials, coaches, and players.

To help with spectator traffic we ask that everyone entering and exiting the ball field complex use the social distancing.

Please be patient with the Hudson Parks and Rec Department and abide by the rules.  Our goal is to provide a safe place and an opportunity for your child to participate in our Athletic Program.  It will take all of us to follow the rules to ensure a safe environment.

Details about the season

  • Shin guards are a must and cleats are recommended (totally up to the kid and parents)

  • Please get familiar with this website. I will post practice schedules and game schedules on here.

  • Practice and Games will occur the time your child's team is scheduled. It will look something like this:

    Monday, August 16th
    5:30 - Red v Green
    6:30 - Orange v Royal

    *Here Red will practice for 20-25 minutes at one goal as well as Green at the other goal.  Once the time is up for practice then Red and Green will turn around and play each other for 30 mins.  By this time Orange and Royal has arrived for the 6:30 time slot and will start practice soon has Red and Green have completed their game.  And the same goes for Orange and Royal for 20-25 minutes of practice and then turn around and play for 30 minutes.

  • This will allow the kids to get the information they need from the coaches for the fundamental aspect of Soccer and then in-turn put it to use during the game.

  • If weather becomes an issue, a decision will be made no earlier then 3:00 unless fields are in bad shape.  I will post the cancellation on here, Facebook, and contact coaches so they can contact yall.

  • Looking to start this age group mid Sept and planning to use Mondays and Thursdays of every week.

  • The "NEXT" thing will happen after today is a coach will contact you and let you know when your child will practice/play (allow at least 2 weeks)

  • I will be asking the coaches to call asap and then do a reminder call the week before the season starts.

  • If you have any questions please feell free to contact me anytime via email or call 726-6304

  • For those who have not paid please do so this upcoming week.