Foothills Athletic Association

10U Softball Rules

  1. A full game consists of 6 innings. Each game will have a 75 minute time limit. No new inning will begin with under 5 minutes on the timer. (3 Innings will constitute a complete game in the event of inclement weather or lightning.) If the game ends in a tie on a weeknight, then game will be ruled a tie. Exception will be made to play extra innings if the game is played on the weekend or is the only game of the night.

  2. Run rules – five (5) runs per inning for the first 45 minutes. If a new inning begins with time left in the 5 run/45 minute period – it must be completed before going to the unlimited run innings. Once a new inning begins under the 30 minute mark then there is no limit for runs per inning.

  3. A game will be called if a team is ahead by: 12 runs after 3 innings

10 runs after 4 innings

  1. Teams must have 8 players to start a game. If a team only has 8 players, then the 9th spot in the batting order will be an out each time it comes up. The game will be a forfeit if a team has 7 or less players.

  2. 10 players can play in the field (4 outfielders/ 4 infielders/ 1 catcher/ 1 pitcher).

  3. Each player is placed in the batting order and each team will bat a continuous lineup.

  4. Batters are allowed to bunt.

  5. No player can sit on the bench for two (2) consecutive innings while the team is in the field.

  6. A courtesy runner is mandatory with two (2) outs in the inning. The runner must be the player who recorded the last out.

  7. Pitching Rule: No batter will be walked throughout the game. If a pitcher throws four (4) balls the coach of the team that is batting will come in and assume the strike count. He/She only has the strikes remaining as pitches to the batter. The number of pitches allowed are as follows: 0 strikes – 3 pitches 1 strike – 2 pitches 2 strikes – 1 pitch.  The batter can foul off the last pitch to remain at bat. The coach must throw from the rubber when he/she comes in to pitch.

  8. The pitcher must pitch underhanded. The pitch can be a windmill pitch or basic underhand.

  9. Base runners cannot take a lead. A runner that leaves her base before the ball reaches the plate will result in a delayed dead ball called by the umpire, with the runner being called out.

  10. A base runner can steal one base per pitch and can steal home. No runners are allowed to steal after the 4th Ball in the pitch count.

  11. If a player is injured and cannot return to the game then they will be skipped in the batting order with no penalty. If a player must leave for any other reason, then the player will be an out the next their spot comes up in the batting order. This penalty will only occur once.

  12. A coach who is thrown out of a game will be suspended for the following game or longer if deemed necessary. If there is a second occurrence, the coach will be suspended for the season. If a coach, physically or verbally abuses an umpire or staff – they will be dismissed from their coaching duties for the remainder of the year.

  13. Each team will be allowed to have three (3) coaches.

  14. All other rules are governed by Tar Heel Rule Book and NCHSAA.


Pitching Distance: 35’                             Base Distance: 60’ Bat:                             Official Softball Ball: 11” Softball